Instagram and social media

Instagram And Social Media In The Next Decade

Ever since social media entered in our lives, it seems that we just can’t live without it. After all, from connecting with people you haven’t seen for so many years to keep updated about what is happening in the world, social media has been changing a lot of our habits. Nevertheless, Instagram and social media are also changing themselves. From the demographics to privacy concerns, there are a lot of changes already in place. However, we are expecting a lot more changes in the next decade for both Instagram and social media in general.

So, what can you actually expect from Instagram and social media in the next 10 years?

#1: More Variety Of Posts:

Just a couple of years ago, it wasn’t very common to see social media users posting videos. However, videos have been replacing traditional word posts or image posts. In our opinion, the trend won’t stop here. We believe that the audio is the next step but, more importantly, we believe that during the next decade we will see a blend of the different kinds of posts.

#2: Groups Separation:

While this may not be exactly new since Google Plus already tried something similar, the reality is that having a clear group separation on Instagram and social media is crucial. After all, this won’t only allow you to see only the posts that you are interested in reading as well as you can easily separate the people who follow you in different groups. Just think about it. For many people, it just doesn’t make sense to share the same things with co-workers and with family and close friends. So, with this groups separation, you would have a group for each. You would still be able to connect with them all but in a different way, and with different dm messages just like you do in person.

#3: A Step Back To The Past:

One of the things that you may not know or remember is that the main goal of some social media platforms was to form and maintain friendships. This was the case with Facebook bit also of MySpace. Nevertheless, social media platforms evolved and they are now more a vehicle to communicate big events or have major announcements than to simply just share a photo of your kids growing. So, we believe that social media will move a step back and instigate their users to share personal photos and posts.

#4: More Privacy Concerns:

Even though there have been important changes to privacy within Instagram and social media, the reality is that these concerns have been increasing. So, we are expecting that social media continue to make updates on their privacy policies throughout the years.

#5: Open To Testing And More Testing:

One thing is for sure: things are always changing and this includes social media. Nevertheless, up until now, changes have been a bit slow. We are expecting to see a lot of changes that can improve the way you use social media. From organizing your layout as you like to manage your contacts in multiple ways, and even when you want to ask someone to be your friend.

Overall, we are expecting that Instagram and social media to realize what their users are looking for and that they are faster implementing these changes. While we have already seen some of them, the reality is that we expect to see a lot more being implemented in the next 10 years.

Instagram's strategy

Instagram’s strategy of stealing Snapchat features

Instagram’s strategy of stealing Snapchat features

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom sold Instagram to Facebook in 2015 for $1BN. A lot of other entrepreneurs think Mark Zuckerburg got Instagram for pennies on the dollar being that Instagram is worth over $30BN today. Users are Instagram crazy, the more Instagram followers and likes you have the better. Now boasts more than 800 million users. What more interesting is that approximately 500+ million of Instagram’s user base come from outside of the US. This is a great testament of how global the Facebook group is. 

As a quick point of comparison, Snapchat currently boasts upwards of 160 million daily users and Mark Zuckerberg tried to offer to buy Snapchat for $3BN. After what they saw the easy buy of Instagram, Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy turned down the offer. Today the Snapchat founders are worth more than $3BN that Zuckerburg offered, however the Snapchats decline in inevitable if they don’t innovate fast.

Snapchat’s decline has come at the hand of Instagram. After Zuckerburg was declined he decided to introduce Snapchat features on Instagram including 24hr stories, filters, live video and disappearing messages. The cloning was so blatant that it had many wondering how legal it actually is. It turns out that the Snapchat Stories feature has been patented in their own way. Now Instagram has given credit to Snapchat, however Instagram has differentiated themselves by expressing Instagram stories in a different way.

Can Snapchat bounce back?

Revenue rose 54% to hit $230.7 million through the Q1 2018, however the expectation was 63%. Now after an unpopular redesign Snapchat are having user retention and monetisation problems.

I think a big hit came when Kylie Jenner Tweeted:-

“Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.

Now people have said the Kylie’s tweet was not harmful however, she is very influential in the millennial space. Since that tweet earlier in February Snapchat has lost $1.3BN with a 6% stock drop that week.

Instagram’s strategy seem to be paying off, with Instagram’s user base soaring as Snapchat’s growth slows. Only time will tell to see if Snapchat can bounce back.

Casino Marketing Over Social Media

The various social platforms available today allow casinos to reach out to current customers, turn on new ones and spread messages virally through the power of social shares, you can use social marketing to draw a winning hand for your casino.

Social media for casino marketing is quite simple, take your existing content in the form of events, promotions and tournaments and seed it out to the virtual world where the fans do the rest. With popular social networks such as Facebook and Google+ and micro-sites such as Twitter, you can quickly and easily blast unlimited updates up until the date of the event as reminders to drop by for a visit.

Speaking of landing pages, in a generation that is continually getting more and more mobile, it is now necessary to consider mobile landing pages and websites in your casino marketing plans. We can now do it all online. Promotions are powerful ways to grow and engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter and more. You can even promote user-generated content through photo, video or essay sharing contests.

Blogs are a great platform for improving SEO rankings, too. Search engines will attribute importance to certain keywords based on the semantic outline of a webpage’s content, and a blog can be easily engineered to emphasize important keywords. Direct marketing through email is a quick, efficient and powerful way to communicate openly with your customers. It’s a chance to start a genuine dialog with your target audience with messages that are tailored to his or her own preferences, interests and demographics.

You can easily generate top-of-mind awareness, build your casino brand and create a long-lasting relationship with players through email marketing. If you would like a free social media audit to find the right marketing fit for your casino. Check into social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and start marketing.