Casino Marketing Over Social Media

The various social platforms available today allow casinos to reach out to current customers, turn on new ones and spread messages virally through the power of social shares, you can use social marketing to draw a winning hand for your casino.

Social media for casino marketing is quite simple, take your existing content in the form of events, promotions and tournaments and seed it out to the virtual world where the fans do the rest. With popular social networks such as Facebook and Google+ and micro-sites such as Twitter, you can quickly and easily blast unlimited updates up until the date of the event as reminders to drop by for a visit.

Speaking of landing pages, in a generation that is continually getting more and more mobile, it is now necessary to consider mobile landing pages and websites in your casino marketing plans. We can now do it all online. Promotions are powerful ways to grow and engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter and more. You can even promote user-generated content through photo, video or essay sharing contests.

Blogs are a great platform for improving SEO rankings, too. Search engines will attribute importance to certain keywords based on the semantic outline of a webpage’s content, and a blog can be easily engineered to emphasize important keywords. Direct marketing through email is a quick, efficient and powerful way to communicate openly with your customers. It’s a chance to start a genuine dialog with your target audience with messages that are tailored to his or her own preferences, interests and demographics.

You can easily generate top-of-mind awareness, build your casino brand and create a long-lasting relationship with players through email marketing. If you would like a free social media audit to find the right marketing fit for your casino. Check into social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and start marketing.


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