How can we achieve the expected result in promoting the site as soon as possible?

The question of how to get results in the promotion of the site in the shortest time is exciting for many people. Three to four months is a very real timeframe for results if the site is already receiving acceptable traffic.

It is important to have a clear idea of ​​what you are aiming for, the implementation of the whole set of actions aimed at achieving a specific result, a professional approach, the ability to change aspects of strategy on the move and perseverance.

The work of promoting the site is becoming more difficult and the deadlines for achieving the goals are increasing. It is important to “live out” to the critical point when your strategy will start delivering results.

 22 points to remember if your goal is to promote the site in a short period

  1. Tell yourself: starting a new round of work today, promoting the site.
  2. Start by setting a specific goal by answering two questions:
  3. What you need: Learn to increase conversions, double your leads, or something else?
  4. What do you need to do about it?
  5. Put your high hopes on the content. Good content is a powerful tool that allows you to solve a set of your most important issues. Content is a major (though not the only) component of a site promotion strategy on the web.
  6. Don’t concentrate on the task: increase the amount of content on your site in no time.
  7. Concentrate on the task: Create as much audience-driven content as possible in no time.
  8. Interesting content is what people share on the web. But not everyone who follows your content becomes your customer. Keep track of your material: how it affected the number of visits to the site. If the impact is positive, try creating more similar materials.
  9. Promote your content on social networks.
  10. You write not only about your company blog but also about as many respected sites as possible on the topic.
  11. Take interviews with renowned experts in your market and publish on the corporate blog.
  12. Hire a proofreader and then post the materials on the site.
  13. Invest in creating great content: eBooks, white paper, guides.
  14. Don’t get attached to templates: If you are writing an article, do not try to write simple text material that strictly follows the form. Diversify your text with infographics, videos, cool illustrations. Work at the intersection of genres – and you’ll find something new and interesting.
  15. It’s time to create your photo bank to illustrate blog content. Original images are a plus to your karma.
  16. Start each morning with the thought: what on the site might not satisfy the audience? What can change?
  17. Solve a major issue shortly – Perform a responsive layout on your site. Mobile traffic, growing at an incredible speed, is needed by everyone today.
  18. Hire a designer to do great infographics.
  19. Post two infographics a week, at least.
  20. Get involved in making videos.
  21. Don’t be afraid of the problem that many people fear: video is expensive and we understand a little about it. It is important to get started. Even take pictures on your iPhone. It is better to do worse than to do nothing.
  22. Remember: the result always correlates with the budget. It is impossible to get the most by investing the minimum.