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How to check website real position in Google?

When you browse the web on the same computer using the same browser and often use Google to find the right information you need, the search engine will remember (cache) the results found for that keyword. When you start a new search for the same keyword or phrase, Google automatically downloads you to the top site, and you get inaccurate information about where your site is actually ranked in the hit list, and if you move to another computer that you did not use or start another browser from your computer and research for the same keyword, you’ll see that your site is back in the real-world search results.

How do we check the actual result?

To be able to check the true, real result of where your site is, without having to sit on another computer or open a different browser than you have used so far, you just have to run the same browser and Switch to Incognito mode (InPrivate Browsing, Private Tab / Window, New Secret Tab) supported by all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla). The mode starts from the browser’s main menu to open a new window or right-click on the browser icon.

There is another way you can delete the browser cache, but it is not particularly appropriate because you will also delete other saved data from your web browsing. For this, the better way to see the real ranking on your site is to use the mode that does not identify you with Google, protect the data entry for your local machine in the browser, and you appear as a new computer from which a request is made the search for the same keyword. This way, you can do multiple searches for the same keyword or phrase and make sure your search results are really real.