Advantages of WordPress CMS


WordPress CMS is the simplest web site administration system. Of course, some skills are needed here as well, articles will still not be added on their own. But compared to other CMSs, it takes ten times less time and effort to handle WordPress.


This is an opportunity to increase various CMS services using plugins. It is desirable, of course, to be free of charge. WordPress is not equal: tens of thousands of plugins, there is a wonderful rating system and they are installed in just two clicks.

Installing plugins can be compared to installing apps for modern iPhones or Android smartphones. You can choose a repository plugin that stores the latest version with the fewest bugs, you can read reviews from other users and leave yours. Also, the plugins are so large that from several similar variants, one can easily choose the optimal rating or capabilities. For example, for a sitemap site map, WordPress has more than 15 types – for every taste!

Cheap improvements

Such simplicity and functionality lead to the fact that the development and subsequent improvements of the project are not expensive. This is logical because the system is simple and popular, many developers and web designers are ready to fulfil your requests quickly and efficiently for little money. WordPress is probably the cheapest in site management system enhancements.

Speed ​​of work

Of course, there are higher speed and durable CMS. However, compared to its closest competitors with similar functionality, WordPress is out of the competition. Needless to say, many plug-ins that speed up productivity and reduce page load.

The very small size of a given CMS allows for economical on-site spending, facilitates site check for malware, etc.

Excellent SEO optimization

After installing the plugins, the management system, with practically 2 clicks, becomes an excellent optimized system, site map, automatically generated meta tags and the ability to easily edit pages without duplicates, etc. As a result, you can save a lot of SEO optimization. This is a really good site-building platform. Was it interesting to you already?