How to Find a Job in Digital Marketing

Successful people around the world have one thing in common: they have chosen the work of their lives or hobbies for their businesses. Today, many people do not think about living without the Internet, so working in the field of digital marketing is becoming more attractive.

⦁ We read blogs and watch digital marketing videos. We determine the scope of our interests. Good resources: videos, magazines, blogs.
⦁ We buy a domain and hosting.
⦁ Expand your WordPress blog on this domain
⦁ Install Analytics (Google Analytics recommended). Fill it with materials.

You now have your own site. Start advertising it.

See section 1 for how to do this.

⦁ Do you still want to be able to make money? Select the product you want to promote on your site.
⦁ We encourage. We’re experimenting. We are advertising. Paid ads on social networks. We create our groups.
⦁ In parallel, we go to courses, get certificates.
⦁ After 3-4 months of all these activities, you already have the experience, ie relevant experience in the profession. You already know how to write texts, promote your site in search engines, launch advertising, understand how affiliate marketing works. Also, you already have a sufficient theoretical basis, which is confirmed by the certificates. You have the foundation of digital marketing.
⦁ Now decide who you want to be: Webmaster, freelance in any direction, or a full-time professional. The opinion must be accurate. If you selected the last item, then:
⦁ Take a look at the job openings, what tests do you have to take before you can interview? Need experience with text-sharing? – No problem – go, sign up, sell one of your articles – buy someone else’s. Congratulations, you’ve received this experience.
⦁ Write your resume. It focuses on what you did, who you want to work with and why you want to grow in this industry. The certificates confirm that you are ready to take the time and learn fast.
⦁ In the interview, you will be asked what you did and why. You may not have a mega case, but it is important to show that you have an understanding of the field in which you want to develop and that it is not merely theoretical. This means that you have already tried to do something with your own hands and have your idea about it. Even if it’s not perfect, there are mistakes – but there are.
⦁ Rather, if you did everything right, then: Congratulations, you are already in the team – develop and learn.

On average with intensive training, the period of entry into the main position is 3-6 months. Depending on the speciality.