The four elements of online marketing

The four elements of online marketing. This division is appropriate for online marketing, not for other types of marketing. Target audience Content Promotion Engagement (engagement). According to this division, it turns out that online marketing consists of: • The process of determining the target audience (need to be determined); • Creating content for the target […]

Effective site optimization meta tags

Meta tags are commands for a web server or browser that do not affect the rendering of the page. From optimization, meta tags are important objects, the right work with which is the key to success in creating an effective website. HEAD tab optimization The part of the source code at the top of the […]

How to Find a Job in Digital Marketing

Successful people around the world have one thing in common: they have chosen the work of their lives or hobbies for their businesses. Today, many people do not think about living without the Internet, so working in the field of digital marketing is becoming more attractive. ⦁ We read blogs and watch digital marketing videos. […]

HTML5 semantic elements and their meaning for SEO

A semantic, properly crafted website or landing page, with all the HTML5 rules and instructions in the code, may have an additional impact on site ranking in the search engine. One of the main reasons why this is important is to improve the accessibility of the website, primarily for people with disabilities. For example, every […]

How to check website real position in Google?

When you browse the web on the same computer using the same browser and often use Google to find the right information you need, the search engine will remember (cache) the results found for that keyword. When you start a new search for the same keyword or phrase, Google automatically downloads you to the top […]