The four elements of online marketing

The four elements of online marketing. This division is appropriate for online marketing, not for other types of marketing.

  1. Target audience
  2. Content
  3. Promotion
  4. Engagement (engagement).

According to this division, it turns out that online marketing consists of:

• The process of determining the target audience (need to be determined);
• Creating content for the target audience (needs must be met);
• Reaching the content to the target audience;
• Audience participation in the resource.

The concept of engagement speaks to how content is of interest to consumers who sell the company’s products. It is largely this element that determines the demand for goods or services. Content on the site should attract, involve and not intrusively drive users to become active participants in the content life.

Before creating content, you must determine who you create it for. If the content is not correctly defined, the site’s website traffic will fail and audience engagement will be poor. Therefore, a portrait of the target audience must first be created to determine who it is, what the internet needs.

Once you’ve identified the target audience, it’s time to upload the content to the site. At this point, you need to think about what each target audience wants to read.

Youth. It is interesting for them to read what online marketing is, how they can make money doing business, and where to learn.

Businessmen. They want to read about the benefits of online marketing, to get experience from professionals.

A unique sales proposal is then created. For each target audience separately. Online marketing content is a great proposition as the site learns how to become a marketer, shares the secrets of professionals, and can create a course to teach those who want to surf the Internet from scratch.

This is followed by a promotion. It starts with keyword selection. You need to think about what words each target audience would enter and write them down. You should write articles for these keywords that your target audience will be interested in.

Interesting content and being able to express their opinions as well as share them with other Internet users will help create the effect of engagement.