Trends in web design in 2019

Trends in web design and web programming sometimes change so quickly that if a website looks elegant and modern today, it can become obsolete and demotivated for only a few months. That’s why it’s important to be aware of and keep up-to-date with technology developments and novelties in designing and designing web pages.

“Do not ask what the web trends are today and what they will be tomorrow!”

In this article, I will try to focus your attention on the novelties and trends in the development of web design and web design in 2019.

Every year, changes and improvements in website development occur as different operating systems, web platforms, programming languages, and other Internet sites and computer and mobile technologies are constantly evolving. For example, you may be curious about where WordPress is developing and improving, and what are the more global new trends on the horizon caused by a variety of factors. The way users view the web today and the most popular and attractive types of web projects form and define new trends in website development.

Trends in web design and development in 2019 will give priority to speed and mobile design, attractive and simplified designs, customer service chat, content creation with Gutenberg, and more.

What are the web trends in 2019?

If you intend to order a new web site or to redesign your existing web site, you should be familiar with and aware of modern web trends. That’s why I tried to select the most reliable forecasts and show you what the latest trends in website design and design will be in the next year.


How long do you think you can make a good impression on your potential customer? If you are talking about online interaction between you, you have less than three seconds available.

In most cases and in life at large, we tend to be impatient and do not like to wait. From surveys made globally, 50% of Internet users expect that when they click on a site, it will load within two seconds or less and drop it if they have to wait more than three seconds.

You understand that the beautiful web site is really attractive, but if the design is so heavy and it loads too slowly, you may lose many potential customers and possible future earnings as nobody wants and does not like to wait so long. With its website speed update, which came into force in July 2018, Google started to prioritize ranking for sites that load faster than others. It is likely that other more popular search engines will soon do the same.

All this means that web design should be designed to give priority to speed for faster loading of the site. The web site should not just be beautiful, it should also be good – In the future, speed will be a basic parameter of web design.

Giant photos and uncompressed videos are no longer preferred. In 2019, if they need to be used, this should be in a specific way so as not to delay the page load time.

Clean design

In 2017, designers and developers began creating cleaner and simpler web site designs to better represent mobile devices. Since then, the number of mobile searches has grown so much that nowadays mobile web site design is now a necessity and not just an option.

Web pages with large and heavy images load and make page loading too slow, especially for mobile devices. Today is a modern and preferred clean and minimalist design for two important reasons. First, both mobile and desktop users can be streamlined and take advantage of fast-paced websites. Secondly, clean design can have high SEO value, as it helps the site generally meet many of the requirements of search engine load rates. That’s why simple and clean design is becoming more and more popular and will continue to be fashionable in 2019.

Minimalism and usability, design aesthetics that focuses on the important elements of your web site. Although minimalist, this does not mean that the design is boring. Using bright colours, crisp and crisp edges and plenty of open space, clean design offers a refreshing change and enjoyable consumer experience.

Focusing on mobile design

Speed ​​is not the only metric Google uses when ranking websites. In 2015, the number of mobile searches exceeds the number of desktops searches, so Google is changing its mechanism for which sites to be indexed first and now mobile and adaptive sites are prioritized over other non-friendly web sites to mobile devices.

This is becoming a trend, and it will be the mobile design of every web site. The current web site development standard has been that a web site is designed primarily for a desktop or laptop computer, and later mobile design can be added. The importance of mobile design will do the opposite: The first step will be the design of the mobile web site, and then a version will need to be created for desktops.

The trend regarding the importance of mobile design is not only based on ranking and SEO optimization factors. The visual result for a mobile device is what will primarily facilitate the user in terms of greater convenience in searching and finding information. This trend in web design is mainly driven by the demand that mobile users require and will probably be trending for a long time.

Online Chat Communication with Clients

The next trend in web design and web development in 2019 will be related to online communication and customer service through the so-called Chatbots Artificial Intelligence.

The forecast is that by 2020, 85% of all online customer service on the site will be implemented without human intervention.

The online customer service becomes mandatory for virtually any web site, whether it’s an online store, product catalogue, service and offer website, or a representative site. Having a bot on the website will ensure that you are in contact with the user at any time and in any situation.

Customer service will cause the customer a sense of interaction with a person. The bot is smart enough to answer frequently asked questions, redirect customers to the required page, help them choose the right product, and even maintain payments.

In 2019, users and customers will prefer websites with appropriate online help. You can create a customer support department or take advantage of the bot that will automatically target customers to your site. The second option will allow you to save time and resources and optimize your workflow.

Push notifications on websites

Mobile app notifications have proven to be an extremely effective means of re-engaging users. Soon, this idea also applies to web sites and is becoming a new trend in their development. Push notifications are definitely becoming more and more popular and there are already many websites that have incorporated them into your design.

How Do Push Notifications Work? The workflow seems simple: The user visits a web site and is offered to allow the site notifications. Once it agrees, the site in question notifies it when new content or a personal message appears on the site even after the tab is closed. This turns Push notifications into a great passive user engagement tool that can help increase site traffic, especially when active on mobile devices.

The main advantage of this technology is obvious – you can keep the user engaged without much effort.

Push notifications will outweigh our familiar notifications through emails, SMS or social media in providing up-to-date information. They are faster and easier to use and will be a new trend in web development.

Micro animations

Micro-animations provide an intuitive and satisfying user experience while browsing your website. Small animations that help the user better understand the site and make sure they clicked successfully on an item. For example, changing the colour of a button when the cursor moves over it or expanding the menu when it clicks on it.

Micro-animations have been widespread for many years now and you have not met them. These animations help the user to know that they have done the right action while they are visiting your site. In 2019, micro animations will continue to be one of the leading trends in web design.

Flash to HTML5

Will we say goodbye to Flash? It seems that 2019 will be the year in which this may just happen.

For years Flash has been the primary protocol for displaying video animations. However, Apple’s failure to support Flash may signal the beginning of the end. In 2010, Steve Jobs published his thoughts on Flash and its future, which made it clear that this technology would not continue to develop. The main disadvantage of Flash is the high amount of traffic that makes it incompatible with mobile devices.

If you still use Flash on your site, you will need to make changes soon. And the best alternative is HTML5.

HTML5-based videos and games will reach a wider audience. And the trend is to make HTML5 a universal format for all kinds of digital content.

Create pages and content with Gutenberg

The creation and layout of new web pages by a regular user is not new when it comes to WordPress and other CMS systems for dynamic web site management. There are several first-class solutions that can be used to create and format good-looking content. These are plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, WPBakery Page Builder and many others.

Here is the place to note one of the upcoming new changes to WordPress, the advent of the new text editor Gutenberg. Until now, WordPress’s current visual editor has not suffered, who knows what changes over the years and basically has remained virtually the same. This is not a bad thing, but it’s obviously time for a change. With his advent, Gutenberg will offer a new way to edit and enter content in WordPress. It will replace the previous TinyMCE content editor and will be able to perform more features. Gutenberg will benefit administrators and web site owners without HTML knowledge, and its primary goal will be to reduce the visual difference between how content from the admin panel and the way it is depicted on the main site. In addition, Gutenberg will offer new capabilities to merge the different elements of the new page building process by adding the widget personalizer as well as dragging items and blocks to the desired locations.

Despite many criticisms of the upcoming changes, this is the future of WordPress and will form a new trend in 2019 for easier and simpler page layout and publishing.


The future and new trends in web design and site development mean attracting more new customers, meeting the wishes of current customers and encouraging the return of old customers.